Autotask PSA: Purchase Order Transfer to QuickBooks Desktop



This article describes common workflows for using the Transfer Purchase Orders option in Autotask PSA to transfer data to QuickBooks Desktop.


  • Autotask PSA
  • QuickBooks Desktop


To Transfer (must be in Autotask PSA with QuickBooks open)

  1. Go to the Autotask PSA Menu → Contracts → QuickBooks → Transfer Purchase Orders.
  2. Confirm that QuickBooks is open.
  3. Select the POs that you would like to transfer, then click Transfer Selected/Update Status
  4. Wait for the transfer.

In QuickBooks - Received PO (recommended)

  1. Enter the PO into QuickBooks with all items marked as received.
  2. The quantities on the PO will add to the On Hand count.
  3. The items in QuickBooks are each converted to an Item Receipt; each line on the PO will create an individual Item Receipt.

In QuickBooks - Unreceived PO

  1. Enter the PO into QuickBooks as Unreceived.
  2. Receive the items separately in Autotask PSA and QuickBooks.
  3. After receiving the items in Autotask PSA, navigate to the Transfer PO page, and select Transfer/Update → Approve.
  4. The Received status will transfer to QuickBooks, which increases your On Hand count by the quantity on the PO.

In QuickBooks - Both statuses

After you have transferred the POs, and any quantity adjustments are in place for the items transferred as received, an Inventory Sync must run only for the items that are on the PO.

The total On Hand number in Autotask PSA will always overwrite the On Hand number in QuickBooks. The count change happens via Inventory Adjustments.

Because Autotask PSA has inventory locations and QuickBooks does not, it is the total Autotask PSA On Hand number for all locations which sync to QuickBooks.

Once a Purchase Order has transferred, all updates will need to come from Autotask PSA. Make the changes, then use the Update feature to save those changes. Changes made to the Purchase Order in QuickBooks will not transfer back to Autotask PSA and will cause errors when trying to use the Inventory Sync feature.

Settings in Autotask PSA

In System Settings → Contracts, leave Decrement from Inventory when transferring invoices containing ticket/project/contract charges to QuickBooks enabled if you are not using the Synchronize Inventory feature.

Uncheck the setting full inventory sync. Whenever a PO transfers, an inventory sync occurs for the items that it contains.

Decrementing Inventory in Autotask PSA and QuickBooks

Autotask PSA decrements the On Hand count when delivery and shipping of items takes place. QuickBooks will decrement when the item is invoiced (unless you transfer the invoice with that full inventory sync unchecked).

Example Transfer


mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Example transfer (click to enlarge)


  • On Hand Autotask = 3
  • On Hand QuickBooks = 3

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