Autotask PSA: Logging in with Single Sign-On (SSO) to PSA, LiveMobile, or the Microsoft Outlook Extension



This article describes the authentication workflows which users must follow to access Autotask PSA, Autotask LiveMobile, and the Datto Autotask Microsoft Outlook extension with their Single Sign-On (SSO) credentials.


  • Autotask PSA
  • Datto Autotask LiveMobile
  • Datto Autotask Microsoft Outlook Extension (MOE)


Logging in to Autotask PSA

Typically, a user will log in to their Identity Provider and then access PSA. There are two ways to do this:

  1. Log into the Identity Provider, and click the Autotask icon set up by the administrator. Some Identity Providers furnish an auto-login option, so once logged into the Identity Provider, users are automatically logged into PSA.
  2. The PSA administrator can give users the Initiate Login URL option on the Admin → Single Sign-On page. That URL will take them to their Identity Provider login page. Once they've successfully logged in, they are automatically logged in to PSA.

An SSO user can also access PSA from the login screen by following these steps:

  1. Enter your PSA username.
  2. Enter anything in the Password box; the application requires a value in this field to validate the username.
  3. Click Login or press ENTER.
  4. The message, "Your database is configured to use Single Sign-On (SSO). You must log in through your Identity Provider. Click here to continue," will appear.
  5. Click the message to display the Identity Provider's login screen.

Logging in to Datto Autotask LiveMobile

After clicking the LiveMobile icon on their mobile device, users who use LiveMobile's Auto-login feature will receive a prompt to log in to their Identity Provider. Once they've successfully done so, LiveMobile will open.

Users who don't use the Auto-login feature, as well as those logging into LiveMobile for the first time, will need to enter their PSA username and any value in the password field. They will then receive a prompt to log into their Identity Provider.

Logging in to the Datto Autotask Microsoft Outlook Extension (MOE)

Users who have already installed the Microsoft Outlook Extension will be prompted to log in to their Identity Provider each time they open Outlook. This workflow is similar to that of Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) users.

If an SSO user hasn't previously used the extension, the first time they open Outlook after installing it, they need to enter their PSA username and a password. They can enter any value in the password field.

For help with troubleshooting SSO issues related to the Microsoft Outlook Extension, see Authentication Error When Configuring Microsoft Outlook Extension (PSA).

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