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This article describes the function of the API User security role in Datto Autotask PSA.


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Deployed as part of the 2017.1 release, the API User security level provides Full Access level permissions to features and data. You cannot delete or edit it, but you can copy it. Copies are editable to create API User security levels with customized settings to control the actual tasks users can perform and the data that they can see and access.

You can create up to 50 different security levels based on the API User license type.

API Users can access your Autotask data via the API only; they cannot log in to the Autotask UI. This security level is associated with its unique Autotask license. There is no per-seat charge for resources that use the API Only security level and license, and no limit to the number of resources that can be assigned the API Only security level.

To assign a resource to the API User security level, check the For use with API User (API-only) security levels checkbox. When selected, the API-only user's password will not expire. Autotask will not prompt the user to change their password.

Only API Users can receive an exemption from the Password Expiration Requirement. This checkbox is unchecked and disabled for all other security levels.

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