Datto Autotask PSA: How do I customize the "Groups" in my Performance Dashboards?



How do I customize the Groups in my Performance Dashboards?


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You can customize group names from Step 6 of the Workbook's Config tab.

In the Workbooks, data can be represented by up to 4 specified groups. Groups can be established based on queues, issue types, countries, or any other ticket field. By default, the setup routine defaults a separate group for your top 3 queues (with the most tickets) and then places all other tickets in an "Other" group. In the workbook, you can update the table below to create custom group names for the queues listed. Specify those custom groups in the table.

In the example below, the Group Names are updating so that all "Support" tickets, regardless of level, display the Group Name of "Support."

WorkbookGroups.gifFigure 1: Custom groups workflow (click to enlarge)

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