Autotask PSA: Multiple Active Block / Retainer / Per ticket Purchases - Which order will they deplete?



Which purchases will the contract deplete? 


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The contract will deplete purchases that have the appropriate date ranges, starting with purchases with the earliest dates. 


Block Hour Contract  2 blocks

Both blocks are good until the end of the contract (Dec 31st).

One has a start date of May 1st, and the other has a start date of June 1st. Both blocks have 5 hours on them.

The time is posted whenever the contract date entry is June 3rd. The time will come off of the block that has a start date of May 1st because the first block is further in the past.

If the contracts have the same start date:

The contract depletes purchases that were created first. The purchase will, therefore, have a smaller ObjectID. The ObjectID can be located by editing the purchase and reviewing the URL. The ObjectID will display as follows: "ObjectID=XX" where XX is the ID of the purchase.

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