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When is Data Warehouse updated? 


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Each Report Data Warehouse database is refreshed every day beginning at 4 AM Eastern Time for North American customers and 4 PM Eastern Time for Global Customers from a backup of the customer's production database.

Your database may be refreshed at that time, or up to 4 hours later. To see the time your database was refreshed on the previous load, you can run the following query:

SELECT * FROM warehouse_last_load

That query will return a Last_Load (the time the data refresh was completed) and a Backup_Taken (the time the data will be accurate up until for that refresh). The data returned in this table is the only indication for when it is safe to perform a refresh.

Be aware that when the database is refreshed, the following will occur: 

  • Any currently-running queries will be aborted.
  • Any connected user will be disconnected.

Refresh time depends on the size of the customer's database. Typical refresh time will be less than 10 minutes.

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