Autotask PSA: Why is the SLA performance report showing zero for first response hours?



Why is the SLA Performance Report showing zero for First Response Hours?


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There are three possible reasons for this behavior:

There are no target first response hours set up in the SLA

To set up target first response hours:

1. Navigate to Autotask menu → Admin → Features & Settings → Service Desk (Tickets) → Service Level Management.

2. Click the Edit Details (pencil) icon to the left of the SLA in question.

servicelevel.pngFigure 1: Service Level Management (click to enlarge)

3. Under Objectives, find the entry where PriorityIssue Type, and Sub-Issue Type match the entry on the ticket that shows zero first response hours.

priority.pngFigure 2: Service Level Agreements (click to enlarge)

4. Click the Edit Details (pencil) icon on the left to edit the entry.

5. Enter the correct target First Response hours and click Save.

editobjective.pngFigure 3: Edit Objective (click to enlarge)

6. On the Service Level Agreements page, click Save.

first.pngFigure 4: First Response (click to enlarge)

After you make the above change, the next time you associate tickets with this SLA, you will see the correct first response hours.

The status applied when you created the ticket is mapped to an SLA event

Status changes map to the SLA. Once you fulfill an event, you also fulfill previous events, and you cannot undo those fulfillments.

If you created a ticket in a status that you have mapped to an SLA, then the first response time will be set to the create time of that ticket.

You made a first response status change with a predated time entry

When you complete the status change that sets the first response time, that first response time will match the start time of that status change.

If the start time of the time entry is before or equal to the create time of the ticket, you will have no first response for that ticket.

Making any of the above changes will not update tickets that have already completed the first response.

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