Datto Autotask PSA: Where is the revenue in the Revenue to post coming from?



When I checked the Executive Dashboard, I noticed that there is a large amount of revenue to post. Where is this coming from, and where I can find more details about this revenue?


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The Revenue to Post listing provides a quick view of how much revenue is waiting to be approved and posted.

The Revenue to Post list includes the following information:

  • The three companies with the highest amount of revenue awaiting approve and post.
  • The total amount awaiting approve and post from all other companies.
  • The total amount of awaiting approve and post from all companies.

To review the details of the revenue, navigate to, and run, the following two reports, using a broad date range to capture all the information:

  • Autotask menu → Contracts → Reports → Billing → Pre-Billing Detail
  • Autotask menu → Reports → LiveReports Designer → System Reports → Waiting Approve and Post → Pre-Posting Detail

To stop the revenue from being displayed, navigate to:

  • Autotask menu → Contracts → Approve & Post → Approve & Post → Post all billing items

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