Autotask PSA: How can I clear out the list of items that are in Purchasing & Fulfillment?



I'm seeing products listed under Inventory → Purchasing & Fulfillment which are linked to old jobs. How can I clear them out?


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To clear out items on this page, you will have to push them through the Procurement process.

Why are they there?

When you first enable Procurement, all items waiting to be ordered (with status Need to Order / Fulfill) will appear on the Purchasing & Fulfillment page.

How to do I remove them?

To clear out items on this page, perform the following steps:

1. Create a dummy/test vendor.

2. Create large Purchase Orders that contain multiple items for that vendor

3. Receive the Purchase Orders.

4. Deliver/Ship the items.

NOTE: You can do all of these actions in mass, but you are limited to one purchase order at a time.

What about items that I never intend to order? 

If you have products that you don't want to go through the procurement process, you should mark the product as Does not require procurement from the following path:

  • Autotask menu → Admin → Features & Settings → Products & Services → Products → Add

From there, right-click to Edit Products. Deselect the checkbox labeled Does not require procurement, and then click Save.

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