Autotask PSA: How Do I Disassociate A Parent Company From A Child Company?



How do I disassociate a parent company from a child company and terminate the parent/subsidiary relationship?


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You can disassociate a Parent Company from a Subsidiary in two ways:

Edit the Subsidiary:

1. Navigate to CRM → Companies and search for the subsidiary.
2. Select Edit Company.
3. Click the Company Picker to the right of the Parent Company name field.
4. When the Select Company window pops up, click Choose Nothing.
5. Save the change.

Edit the Parent:

1. Navigate to CRM → Companies and search for the subsidiary.
2. Select Edit Company. 
3. Click the Subsidiaries tab.
4. Double-click the subsidiary in the right-hand side table to remove it.
5. Click OK in the confirmation dialog after reading the contents.
6. Save the change.

NOTE: If you discontinue a parent/subsidiary relationship set up in Autotask PSA, doing so will have the following impact:

  • The application will clear parent contacts that are associated with Subsidiary billing items.
  • Any subsidiary items associated with a parent contract will no longer have a contract.
  • If invoice emailing is enabled and the email contact is a parent contact, invoice emails will route to the account manager.
  • Labor items associated with a parent contract (including items that you have not posted) will remain associated with that contract and will bill to the parent.
  • Non-contract billing items that you have not posted, and which were previously affected by the setting to Invoice non-contract billing items to the parent, will bill to the subsidiary.
  • There will be no impact on posted billing items.

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