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This article addresses common questions and answers about the interactions between Autotask PSA and QuickBooks Online (QBO).


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Can I have my Autotask connected to multiple QuickBooks online accounts?

No. The Autotask Invoices App can only connect one QuickBooks Online account and one Autotask account.

Do I have to import all of my items into QuickBooks online when I first connect to QuickBooks Online?

We recommend that you allow the app to create the items that are being brought over from Autotask to QuickBooks Online. Doing it this way will ensure that the newly created objects map to the items that exist in Autotask. Pay close attention to the Autotask field used to match items in QuickBooks and If an item is missing in QuickBooks settings. The first setting determines which field your Autotask Billing Codes will be used to lookup an Item (i.e., Service or Product) in QuickBooks by Name. The second setting specifies what you want to happen when Quickbooks does not find the item.

Are companies automatically synced between Autotask and QuickBooks Online?

There is not an automatic company sync function between Autotask and QuickBooks Online. Companies are created in QuickBooks Online only if they do not already exist. Creation occurs when the invoice processes from Autotask to QuickBooks Online. The Company Name field is used to determine whether a matching QuickBooks Online Company exists. If the Company Name does not exist in QuickBooks Online, QuickBooks Online will create the Company.

My invoice synced to QuickBooks Online, but the payment terms for the invoice is incorrect.

This problem is most likely a configuration issue. By convention, the names of Payment Terms in Autotask and QuickBooks Online must match. For example, if you have a Payment Term named "Net 30 Days" in Autotask, a Payment Term in QuickBooks Online called "Net 30 Days" must also exist. The names must match; otherwise, the app will assume that no terms should apply to the invoice in QuickBooks Online.

Will QuickBooks Online accept a negative invoice?

No. If an invoice is negative, it will fail when attempted to sync to QBO. "ERROR" will sync to the Invoice Number field in Autotask, and the below error message will be emailed to the user and located within the error log of the app.

"The invoice total is negative. Negative invoices cannot be sent to QuickBooks Online. The invoice number for the Autotaskinvoice id X and account X, was set to 'ERROR' in Autotask. return code 1."

The QBO Invoice default class is not applying to invoices transferred from Autotask

In the QuickBooks Online integration settings, there is a field that sets the default class for an invoice when established clients encounter the class not applying to their invoices. Currently, the class assignment only works if the customer is using transaction-level (not row-level) class tracking. The class will only apply to the invoice on the transaction level.

Class Tracking is a QuickBooks Online feature and is unsupported by Autotask. For more information, refer to your QuickBooks Online documentation.

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