Autotask PSA: Why isn't my Integration Vendor available for API Tracking Identifier selection?



Why isn't my Integration Vendor available for API Tracking Identifier selection?


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Beginning with Version 1.6, using the Autotask Web Services API requires the use of a tracking identifier. All API calls except getZoneInfo() require a tracking ID, which allows Datto to improve API support and security. We can isolate and investigate issues related to specific integrations before there is an impact on general API performance.

Since an API Only security level is required to use API version 1.6, a new section is added to the Security tab of the Resource Management page when you select an API User security level.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: API tracking identifier (click to enlarge)

The dropdown only lists vendors who confirmed the presence of their pre-assigned tracking identifier in all API calls with our Product Management Integrations team. If the integration is one that is being resold and not developed for personal use by the user's company, then the user will need to contact the vendor to understand the vendor's timeline and roadmap for when they will have the identifier present in all API calls to Autotask. 

Do not select the Custom (Internal Integration) option unless you are using an integration you developed yourself, as doing so could cause all calls to fail, since the value supplied in the calls may not match the resource configuration.

You will not be able to change the Tracking Identifier once configured. 

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