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Datto Autotask PSA: I received a synchronization error email



You received a synchronization error email.

  • When you try to sync profile information between different platforms and Autotask, you receive the error message, "One or more errors were encountered while attempting to sync Autotask and MS Exchange. A description of the error(s) can be seen below. If you continue to experience the error(s), please contact
    • Example Description:
      • User: jimsmith
      • URL: unknown
      • Error: "The request failed with HTTP status 401. Unauthorized."
      • Please check to verify that the User Name and Password are correct for this user within the Autotask MS Exchange User Profile.


  • When you try to start Microsoft Word, you encounter the error message, “Cannot start program. Required application not recognized”


  • Datto Autotask PSA 


Check the Exchange Synchronization Account & General Configuration

  1. To verify and confirm that the Exchange Synchronization account is able to authenticate successfully, navigate to Autotask menu → Admin → Extensions & Integrations → Microsoft Extensions → MS Exchange
  2. On the General tab, verify that the settings are correctly configured in the Server Details section based on if the customer is using an On-Premise, Hosted or Office 365 environment.
  3. Check User NamePasswordDomain (if applicable) in the Synchronization Account section.
    • If using Office 365 you'll need to enter a space in the Domain field so they can save this page. Additionally, the user should verify if they want to be using the credentials entered to synchronize or 'impersonate' all of the other users.
  4. Click Save at the top of the page. 
    1. If the details were saved successfully you'll receive a message stating "MS Exchange configuration successfully updated."
    2. If the details were not saved successfully, review the settings above for accuracy and to ensure extra spaces are removed where applicable. App passwords are used if 2FA is used in Exchange, among others. 

Check the User's Profile mentioned in the message above

In the message above, the username "jimsmith" is unable to synchronize. While the cause of Jim's inability to synchronize might be due to misconfigured details on the General tab, it could also be the credentials input on Jim's profile are either invalid or inaccurate.

  1. To verify and confirm that the credentials for a user are correct, an admin can navigate to Autotask menu Admin → Extensions & Integrations → Microsoft Extensions → MS Exchange.
  2. On the Resources tab, locate the user in question and click the hyperlinked date in the Last Attempted Synchronization column.
  • If the password field is greyed out, the user on the General tab is impersonating each user for purposes of synchronization, a password is not required.
  • If the password field is not greyed out, the user must enter their password to synchronize.
  • If the Test Connection is not successful and this field is greyed out, it means either the information entered is incorrect or the user account entered on the General tab does not have sufficient permissions to impersonate the user mentioned.
  • If the Test Connection is not successful, the user name, password or Exchange email address is incorrect. Note that if a user is using 2FA in their Exchange environment they must create an app password for the extension to leverage.
In some cases, the user on the General tab may be the same as the user on this page. Depending on the configuration of their Exchange environment, a user may not be able to impersonate themselves. The, best practice is to have a dedicated full access user who has a mailbox on your server.

You can also manage your credentials for the integration rather than requiring an admin update them by navigating to the My icon, and selecting Miscellaneous Profile  MS Exchange tab.

Users frequently encounter errors where the account configured on the General tab either has insufficient permissions or they cannot impersonate a user for other reasons. If this box is checked, a good troubleshooting step to isolate this as a possible cause for the error is to uncheck the "Use these credentials for synchronizing individual user accounts" checkbox on the General tab under Synchronization Account.

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