Autotask PSA: QuickBooks Desktop - Can I remove items from inventory when I transfer to QuickBooks?



Can I remove items from inventory when I transfer to QuickBooks?


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You can remove items from inventory when transferring to QuickBooks.

Tracking inventory in QuickBooks only

If you track inventory in QuickBooks only and would like to update the On Hand count when transferring an Inventory Part on an Autotask invoice, you must do the following:

  1. Enable the Decrement from Inventory when moving invoices containing ticket/project/contract charges to QuickBooks' system setting. Keep the Decrement box checked if you are not using the Autotask to QuickBooks Synchronize Inventory feature.
  2. When transferring an invoice that contains items from Inventory Part in QuickBooks, QuickBooks decrements the inventory.
  3. Do not clear the checkbox unless your company tracks inventory and uses the Autotask to QuickBooks Synchronize Inventory feature to synchronize the Autotask inventory counts to QuickBooks. When this box is unchecked, the integration will transfer items to QuickBooks based on item description instead of the associated billing code used in QuickBooks mapping.

Mapping Autotask Products to QuickBooks Inventory Parts

Map the Autotask Product to an existing QuickBooks Inventory Part before transferring the item from Autotask for the first time. To map products to an Inventory Part:

Open the QuickBooks Item List and set up an Inventory Part with a name identical to the product name in Autotask. The QuickBooks Item List will show the new Inventory Part.

  • When transferring an item onto an invoice, Autotask checks if another object with the exact name already exists within the QuickBooks Item List.
    • Autotask does not check for the QuickBooks Item Type.
    • The transferred billing item will become an Inventory item if the object exists within QuickBooks but as an Inventory Part.
    • The inventory item is assigned the same name, and any inventory on hand reduces by the item quantity.
  • When running an updated Inventory Valuation Detail report, the number of units on hand reduces by one. 

Important considerations 

  • It is not possible to push QuickBooks inventory into Autotask. If you are counting inventory in both and syncing the numbers, Autotask must be your Master System of Record.
  • You will need to update QuickBooks Inventory On Hand Counts using the Purchase Order Transfer and the Inventory Sync, both of which will always overwrite the QuickBooks number with the Autotask number.

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