SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Getting Started with SIRIS Private



This article describes the SIRIS Private cloud storage option for Datto SIRIS appliances.


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SIRIS Private is a simple way to deploy SIRIS as a private cloud for your customers. Ideally-suited for businesses in industries like healthcare, financial services, and government, where mixing data is often not allowed, SIRIS Private allows you to provide a self-contained BCDR solution that provides a secure and closed environment.

Creating this secure environment is as easy as deploying a SIRIS locally and then connecting it to another SIRIS at your site, or at a secondary site, for replication and recovery. Doing so ensures that the data remains self-contained in the customer’s network while providing the same reliable backups, instant virtualization, and expansive restore capabilities of the Datto Cloud.

With the flexibility to deploy in a range of configurations based on the customer scenarios and locations, MSPs can deliver the same award-winning SIRIS BCDR experience without using a third-party cloud.

How it Works

SIRIS Private requires at least two Datto SIRIS units with access to a common LAN or VLAN: a source SIRIS and a destination SIRIS.

  • The source SIRIS, with which you will protect your production machine, must be on a SIRIS Private service plan.
  •  The destination SIRIS will act as your source SIRIS' on-site cloud server. It can be on any service plan. You can have more than one destination SIRIS on your network.

During the Protect a System process, you will select the destination SIRIS to which your production machine's backups will replicate. Each host that you add can replicate to the same destination SIRIS or to a different destination SIRIS.


  • As a private cloud solution, snapshots replicated from a source SIRIS to a destination SIRIS cannot sync to the Datto Cloud.
  • You can simultaneously use the destination SIRIS as a normal backup appliance and as a replication node; snapshots from non-replicated systems will sync from the appliance to the Datto Cloud, while replicated snapshots from source SIRISes will not. 
  • All recovery options available to traditional SIRIS backups, except for Diskless Restore and Hybrid/Cloud Virtualization, are available for snapshots replicated to a destination SIRIS.
  • Cloud Agent Templates are not available for devices enrolled in SIRIS Private service plans.


  • The source device and target device must be associated with the same client within a reseller.
  • The source device, destination device, and protected systems must all be on the same LAN or VLAN.
  • All devices in the configuration must meet the SIRIS, ALTO, and DNAS Networking & Bandwidth Requirements.

Getting Started

To start using SIRIS Private, contact your Datto Sales Executive. Then, see our Configuring an Appliance for SIRIS Private Replication article for deployment information.

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