Datto Autotask PSA: What URL do I use to connect to the Autotask API?



What URL do I use to connect to the Datto Autotask PSA API?


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The URL customers use to connect to the Autotask API is called a WSDL. When accessing the WSDL file, you must use the URL that is based on your zone.

To determine the proper zone (and the accompanying URL) to use for all API interactions, set up your application so that getZoneInfo() (Datto Autotask PSA Online Help) is the first call made. Direct the getZoneInfo call to https://webservices.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.asmx.

Datto Autotask PSA has multiple zones where databases reside. New updates are released in a few zones at a time. The zone number appears in the customer's Autotask URL. 

The following table shows the zone in the order they are normally released: 

Zone URL of the WSDL file
Pre-release https://webservices2.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
Pre-release (UK) https://webservices11.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
Limited Release https://webservices1.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
Limited Release (UK) https://webservices17.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
America East
America East 2
America West https://webservices5.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
America West 2 https://webservices15.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
UK https://webservices4.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
UK2 https://webservices16.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
Australia / New Zealand https://webservices6.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
PRDE https://prde.autotask.net/ATServices/1.6/atws.wsdl
PRES https://pres.autotask.net/ATServices/1.6/atws.wsdl
German (Deutsch) https://webservices18.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
EU1 (English Europe and Asia) https://webservices19.autotask.net/atservices/1.6/atws.wsdl
Spanish (Español)

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