Autotask PSA: Can not SWAP Configuration item, the Serial number already exists in the inventory



When you try to swap a Configuration Item, you receive the error message, "The serial number ... already exists for this product. All serial numbers must be unique per product."


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In some cases, the customer cancels the delivery and unpicks the charge before attempting the swap of the Configuration item. Check if the inventory already contains that serial number, and examine the original ticket. 

When the configuration item is generated through a ticket charge with a serialized product, the serial number has to be picked, shipped, and added to the Configuration Item.

  • If you are canceling the shipment of the charge, then unpicking the item, the serial number is placed back to the inventory.
  • If you are trying to swap the configuration item and receive the serial number back to the system, this won't be successful. The inventory already contains the number after the charge has been unpicked and/or deleted.
  • If the serial number is not in the inventory, check Transfers & Updates. If the serial number was delivered and shipped through the purchase order, it creates a historical record here. You can then create the CI with the same serial number, either manually or through an integration.

This CI is not linked to the charge, which means you are not able to swap it back into the inventory. You must edit the serial number (such as putting an * at the beginning) to allow the swap.

Serial numbers are not required to be unique on the CIs, even with the same product, because of the way some integrations create new CIs when moving Item between customers.

The old CI in inactivated and the new one is created. Swapping the CI back into inventory, however, creates a record in the Transfers & Updates preventing the duplicate record.


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