Autotask PSA: How can I issue a credit or add a negative charge to an invoice?



How can I issue a credit or add a negative charge to an invoice?


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If you would like to address this issue with the recommended approach, please see the link below in the Additional Resources section of this article.

While the recommendation is to void and un-post, back the items out, and correct them at the source, you can also add a credit charge on a future invoice for the customer.

To add credit on an invoice, you can create a negative charge on a ticket, project, or contract to apply "credits" on your customer's invoice.

The quantity of the charge cannot be a negative amount, but the unit price can. We recommend adding a custom charge name and selecting the corresponding material code to associate your charge with the correct Tax Category as well.

You can observe the association between the Material Codes and Tax Categories by navigating to the Autotask menu  Admin  Features & Settings  Finance, Accounting & Invoicing  Billing Codes  Materials.

Ensure that the taxes that were applied on the original Billing Item (Worked hours, Charge, Recurring Service, Subscription, etc.) will be used on the Credit Note as well.

When the ticket charge is approved and posted along with other billable items, the credit will be listed on the invoice and deducted from the total.

QuickBooks notes: 

  • QuickBooks Invoice Transfer: While you can transfer a negative price on an invoice item, the total cost on the invoice must be greater than or equal to $0.00. Negatively totaled invoices will not transfer to Quickbooks. 
  • QuickBooks Quantity on Discount Items: QuickBooks does not accept Quantity on Discount Items, which means if the charge is linked to a discount in QuickBooks, you will have to create the charge with a quantity of zero. Once you apply a quantity of zero, it will clear the billable amount. You will then have to enter the negative amount in the Billable Amount field.

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