SIRIS, ALTO and NAS: What Do the LED Indicators Mean on Datto SIRIS 4 and NAS 4 Devices?



What do the LEDs indicate on Datto SIRIS 4 and NAS 4 devices?


  • Datto SIRIS 4 Professional
  • Datto SIRIS 4X Professional
  • Datto SIRIS 4 Enterprise 
  • Datto SIRIS 4X Enterprise


This article covers LED indicator information for Datto SIRIS 4 devices. Click here for information on older SIRIS Series 1 and 2 devices.  Click here for SIRIS 3 devices.

This article explains the standard LED indicators on the front and rear panels of Datto devices. Your device may have a different form factor than those depicted, depending on its size and number of array drives. 

SIRIS 4 Professional and SIRIS 4X Professional

Front panel

  • The power indicator LED surrounds the power button, and glows blue when powered on.
  • The drive activity LEDs glow blue during normal use. When a disk is accessed, the corresponding drive indicator will turn amber and blink rapidly.

Figure 1: SIRIS 4 Professional front panel  (click to enlarge)

Back panel

s4pleds.JPGFigure 2: SIRIS 4 Professional back panel (click to enlarge)

  • Each Ethernet adapter, and the IPMI adapter, has a flashing green and amber LED indicating the link is active.
  • The NIC activity LEDs will not illuminate if the device is not plugged into a gigabit connection.

SIRIS 4 Enterprise and SIRIS 4 X Enterprise

Front panel

  • Most of the LED indicators are located in a bank on the left side of the device's face, along with the power and reset buttons.
  • Each drive bay has a multifunction LED that displays various color-coded messages. Refer to the table below for hard drive status indicator meanings:

Figure 3: HDD status light color codes (click to enlarge)

Figure 4: SIRIS 4 Enterprise front panel (click to enlarge)

The remaining status LEDs indicate, from top to bottom:

  • Hard drive activity (This will blink to indicate disk activity)
  • Generic device errors (This will illuminate for hardware or system log-related errors)
  • Activity on LAN 1
  • Activity on LAN 2 (if configured)

ent-leds.jpgFigure 5: SIRIS 4 Enterprise status LEDs, front panel (click to enlarge)

Back panel

  • All Ethernet adapters and the IPMI adapter have flashing green and amber LEDs, indicating the link is active.
  • The NIC activity LEDs will not illuminate if the device is not plugged into a gigabit connection.

ent-rear_LEDS.JPGFigure 6: SIRIS 4 Enterprise back panel (click to enlarge)

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