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This article describes fiber optic transceiver selection for Datto Networking Managed Switches.


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When using fiber connections in a Datto network, it is important to use the correct transceiver and cable combinations.

Types of fiber optic cable

There are two basic types of fiber optic cable:

  • Multi-Mode Fiber (MMF): This type is best for short runs, usually 550 meters or less.
  • Single-Mode Fiber (SMF): This type is best for longer runs.

The type of cable you use must match with a corresponding transceiver.

Datto Networking transceiver options


  • DNW-SFP-1 GB-SX (Multi-Mode, 1 GB speed)
  • DNW-SFP-10 GB-SR (Multi-Mode, 10 GB speed)


  • DNW-SFP-1 GB-LX (Single-Mode, 1 GB speed)
  • DNW-SFP-10 GB-LR (Single-Mode, 10 GB speed)
Only the Datto E24 switch supports 10 GB transceivers. All other Datto switches have 1 GB Small form-factor pluggable (SFP) ports.

Determining the cable type 

The easiest way to tell the cable type is by the color of the wire.

  • Orange: MMF-type, 1 GB throughput (OM1 or OM2 fiber types)
  • Aqua: MMF-type, 10 GB throughput (OM3 or OM4 fiber types)
  • Lime green: MMF-type, 40 GB throughput (OM5 fiber type)
  • Yellow: SMF-type, variable throughput (OS1 or OS2 fiber types)

Determining the speed of an SMF cable

On a single-mode fiber cable, you can identify the speed by connector type:

  • SC or ST: Usually 1 GB or slower
  • LC: Usually 1 GB or faster (Datto transceivers accept an LC connection)

For the most accurate identification, check the connector on the other side of the run.

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