Autotask PSA: Why Is Labor From my Quote not showing up in Approve and Post?



Why is labor from my quote not showing up in approve and post after winning the opportunity?


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The quote item, labor, does not get converted to a ticket charge or labor on the ticket when running the Won Opportunity Wizard because the labor has not been performed yet, and may change once work is in progress. Quoted labor represents an estimate of the amount of work that you will bill once you complete the job.

In Autotask, you bill for labor with time entries that are entered by resources on tickets and tasks based on the Role, Work Type and Contract associated with the time entry. When quoting for labor, you can show an estimate based on the anticipated time it will take to get the work done. You bill your customer based on the actual work that is completed, by approving & posting the time entries that you enter during the process.
If you want to quote and bill your customer on a pre-agreed price for labor, add a charge Item to your quote and name it appropriately. That way, you will have a charge item you can bill for once you win the opportunity.

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