Autotask PSA: Why is my company name incorrect on my invoices and on the Autotask tab in my browser?



Why does Autotask PSA display incorrect company information on browser tabs, invoices and other areas of the product? My company's address is also wrong on invoices.


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The name displayed on Autotask browser tabs, invoices, and potentially on notification templates comes from the details of your zero account record in Autotask CRM.

If your company details change, you need to ensure that all changes are reflected in your Autotask database. To update your Autotask database, you need to edit the details of your zero account.

To update your zero account

  1. Navigate to Autotask Menu → CRM → Companies.

companies.jpgFigure 1: CRM menu (click to enlarge)

2. Enter an ID of 0 (zero) in the ID field. 

company2.jpgFigure 2: Company Search (click to enlarge) 

If you don't see an ID field, you may need to select the filter in the Choose Filters located next to the Search button.

choose.jpgFigure 3: Choose Filters (click to enlarge)

3. Edit the company information that appears as the result of the search. You can change any relevant details: name, address, etc.

company4.jpgFigure 4: Edit Company (click to enlarge)

4. Click Save & Close to save your changes.

The changes take effect immediately on invoices and notification templates. The changes are not retroactive. Invoices that went out with an incorrect name will not change in your invoice history.

The name displayed on the browser tab will change after you refresh your browser.

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