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How do I enable port forwarding in Recovery Launchpad 2.0 virtualizations?


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See Recovery Launchpad 2.0: Performing a virtualization for assistance with creating the virtualization. 

1. On the Virtualizations card in Recovery Launchpad 2.0, click the network name.

mceclip2.pngFigure 1: Recovery Launchpad 2.0 (click to enlarge)

2. On the Port Forwarding card, click the Add button.

mceclip1.pngFigure 2: The Port Forwarding card (click to enlarge)

3. In the Port Forwarding modal:

  1. enter your internal IP address.
  2. select the transport protocol of the service or port (TCP, UDP, or TCP + UDP).
  3. enter the port range, then click the Add button. You can specify port forwarding for as many additional networks as necessary.

Click the Save button when finished. 

mceclip4.pngFigure 3: The Port Forwarding details modal (click to enlarge) 

4. You will see a confirmation message. Click the Close button to complete the port forwarding configuration.

mceclip3.pngFigure 4: The confirmation dialog (click to enlarge)

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