SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: SIRIS 3 vs SIRIS 4 Business comparison



This article compares hardware and virtualization performance of SIRIS 3 and SIRIS 4 Business devices.


  • Datto SIRIS 3 Business
  • Datto SIRIS 4 Business


Hardware comparison

   SIRIS 3 Business  SIRIS 4 Business  Improvements in SIRIS 4
 CPU  Intel Broadwell  Intel SkyLake

 Newer generation

 Higher CPU performance



 4x lanes



 4x lanes

 More performance

 Supports higher memory   capacity

 NIC  2x 1 Gbe  2x 1 Gbe  Same
 Hard Drive  HDD  SSD

 Faster backup and   virtualization

 Higher performance

 Chassis  Tower  Tower

 Customized form factor

 Better appearance

IOPS virtualization performance test

This test measures input and output per second (IOPS) within a virtual machine running on the Datto device.

IOPS (diskspd) Test results
   Test  S3B IOPS  S4B IOPS  Percent   improvement
 1 Random write
(storage/incremental backup)
 2518.16  9288.43  269%
 2 Sequential write
(storage/backup/video surveillance)
 3675.37  11514.7  213%
 5 Random 70% read, 30% write
(Database query/file server/email)
 949.22  6661.72  602%

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