Autotask PSA: Why are my invoice totals different in Autotask PSA and QuickBooks?



Why are my invoice totals different in Autotask PSA and QuickBooks? They are off by a penny or more.


  • Autotask PSA
  • QuickBooks Desktop


A small discrepancy of a penny or more is a common occurrence when you transfer invoices from Autotask PSA to QuickBooks Desktop. This discrepancy is due to the differences in rounding between the two programs.

Contracts and billing system settings control rounding. Autotask PSA stores billable amounts using four decimal places. Dollar amounts for individual billing items round to two decimal places when approved and posted. Because Autotask PSA calculates invoice totals after approval and posting, totals calculate based on the rounded amounts that appear on the invoice. 

To help avoid this rounding difference, we recommend enabling the system setting Billable Hours: Display 4 decimal places on invoices and transfer 4 decimal places to QuickBooks (Desktop) instead of 2 decimal places. When this system setting is enabled, Autotask PSA displays Billable Hours on the invoice with four decimal places. Autotask PSA will show Quantity rounded to two decimal places. Rate and Billable Amount will always display two decimal places on the invoice. See Contracts & billing system settings (Autotask PSA Online Help) for more information.

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