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This article discusses how to map expense categories in QuickBooks Online by using Autotask PSA. This process is also called 'expense category accounting.' Use this article if you have expense reports in Autotask that you must transfer to Quickbooks to reimburse your resources.


  • Autotask PSA


If you have expense reports in Autotask that you need to transfer to QuickBooks Online to reimburse your Resources, you must:

  • enable the Autotask Expense Sync app in QuickBooks Online.
  • map your Expense Categories from Autotask PSA to QuickBooks Online.


 1. In QuickBooks Online, navigate to the Settings page in the Autotask Expenses Sync App. 

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Autotask Expenses Sync App Settings page (click to enlarge)

2. Select Add Expense Category Accounting. An expanded menu with the following options will appear:

  • Expense Category: This is the name of the Expense Category in Autotask.
  • Account when billable and Account when not billable: These options are the general ledger account in Quickbooks Online to which you should map the expense. You can select the same account for both.

mceclip1.pngFigure 2: Expense Category Accounting options (click to enlarge)

Repeat this process for each Autotask Expense Category. You must map all Expense Categories, even if you are not using them.

Changing Expense Category mapping

The settings page does not display the existing Expense Category mappings when you click Change to put the page into edit mode. To change an expense category mapping, you must add the category again with the new mappings. When you save, the new mappings will overwrite the old.

Disconnecting the PSA integration will clear all expense category mappings.

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