Autotask PSA: Why do I keep getting locked out of Autotask? How do I stop it from happening?



Why do I keep getting locked out of Autotask? How do I stop it from happening?


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Lockouts can occur when a user changes their password and an integration is attempting to connect by using the old credentials. When this type of lockout occurs, you should update all integrations that use those credentials. You can also use the new API-User (Autotask Online Help) to allow you to access your Autotask PSA account when credential mismatches occur.

You can change your user name in Autotask to prevent your account from being locked out. Changing your user name may also help determine which application caused the lockout.

To change your user name, navigate to Admin → Resources (Users). Right-click to edit the resource, and change the Username under the Security tab. By default, Autotask PSA sets the Username to the first Initial and last name of the resource, as pulled from the General tab of the Edit Resource page. You can change this name to anything you like, but the domain name will always be equal to the primary domain on your database.

resource.pngFigure 1: Change Username (click to enlarge)

If your company has created any API Web Services, they can also cause lockouts. Credentials must match exactly between the external application and Autotask PSA to prevent lockouts from happening.

Autotask PSA Technical Support does not have visibility beyond the IP address that caused the lockout. Autotask PSA will send an email with that IP address information to the email address for your account.  If the IP address is associated with Amazon Web Services, any of several cloud-based services that Amazon offers ould be causing the lockout. You can temporarily change your username in Autotask PSA and update any known integrations. Making these changes can often point to a third-party integration that may be locking you out.

Below is a list of some of the Integrations and extensions that can cause lockouts in Autotask:

  • Acronis 
  • AT2Sage
  • Autotask Endpoint Management (AEM)
  • AVG Managed Workplace
  • ConnectBooster
  • Connectwise (Labtech, Quosal)
  • Continuum
  • Customer Thermometer
  • Datto
  • Email2AT (MSP Integrations)
  • Email2DB (Rapidfire Tools)
  • GFI (Max Focus)
  • IDSync
  • ITGlue
  • LogicMonitor
  • MS Outlook Extension
  • Password Managers (Dashlane, LogMeIn, Passportal, etc.)
  • QuickBooks Online
  • QuoteWerks
  • Salesforce (by TBoxCloud)
  • Solarwinds (N-Able)
  • Work Market

If you have changed credentials to match and are still unable to access Autotask PSA, contact Autotask PSA Technical Support

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