SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: S4X1 and S4X2 BIOS Screens



This article provides screenshots of the BIOS screens for Datto S4X1 and S4X2 devices as a reference to aid in troubleshooting.


  • S4X1
  • S4X2


Main screen

S4X1_-_1_MAIN.jpgFigure 1: Main Screen (click to enlarge)

OC and CPU Settings

S4X1_-_2_OC.jpgFigure 2: OC and CPU (click to enlarge)


S4X1_-_3_FEATURES.jpgFigure 3: Features (click to enlarge)

Onboard Device Control

S4X1_-_3.1_FEATURES_-_OnBoard_Device_Control.jpgFigure 4: Onboard device control (click to enlarge)

Advanced CPU Control

S4X1_-_3.2_FEATURES_-_CPU_Configuration__1_of_2_.jpgFigure 5: Advanced CPU Control - Top of screen (click to enlarge)

S4X1_-_3.2_FEATURES_-_CPU_Configuration__2_of_2_.jpgFigure 6: Advanced CPU Control - Bottom of screen (click to enlarge)

SATA and RST Configuration

S4X1_-_3.3_FEATURES_-_SATA_and_RST_Configuration.jpgFigure 7: SATA and RST (click to enlarge)

NVMe Solid State Configuration

S4X1_-_3.4_FEATURES_-_NVMe_Configuration.jpgFigure 8: NVMe (click to enlarge)

USB Configuration

S4X1_-_3.5_FEATURES_-_USB_Configuration.jpgFigure 9: USB (click to enlarge)

Device Health, Fan Config, and Temperature Sensors

S4X1_-_4_PC_HEALTH.jpgFigure 10: Health, Fan, and Temperature (click to enlarge)

Power/ACPI Control

S4X1_-_5_POWER.jpgFigure 11: Power/ACPI (click to enlarge)

Boot Configuration

S4X1_-_6_BOOT.jpgFigure 12: Boot Configuration (click to enlarge)

Save and Exit

S4X1_-_7_EXIT.jpgFigure 13: Save and Exit (click to enlarge)

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