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This article describes IP management on your account's Company Settings page in the Datto Partner Portal.


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Users with Administrator-level accounts can manage IP addresses on the Company Settings page.

  • Company settings are currently only available for users that have a single Datto account tied to an email address. We will support users that have multiple Portal accounts in the near future.
  • Users must be assigned the Security Admin role to access this page.
  • Options on the Company Settings page will affect this reseller and its employees only. 

Accessing the Company Settings page

1. In the Datto Partner Portal, click the Admin tab, then select Company Settings from the drop-down menu.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Datto Partner Portal (click to enlarge) 

Using Company Settings

The Company Settings page allows administrators to:

  • View the IP addresses most frequently used to access their accounts from within their company
  • Whitelist frequently used IP addresses for streamlined account access with fewer authentication requests
  • Blacklist IP addresses that do not have permission to access internal accounts
  • Set custom email alerts to warn specified users when malicious IP addresses attempt to log into internal accounts

Updates made to the Company Page page apply to all accounts under the company.

security.pngFigure 2: The Company Settings page (click to enlarge)

Managing Login Addresses

The Skip 2FA prompt

When you access the Company Settings under your Admin account for the first time, the Partner Portal will prompt you to skip 2FA for frequently-used IP addresses. This prompt is a one-time pop-up for each Admin account.

  • Click the Confirm button to whitelist the six IP addresses most often used to log into your Partner Portal account. You can further manage whitelisted IPs by following the steps in the sections below.
  • To skip automatic whitelisting, click I don't want to whitelist. You can manually select addresses to whitelist using the steps below.

security5.pngFigure 3: The Skip 2FA prompt (click to enlarge)

Frequently used IP addresses

The Datto Partner Portal automatically detects the IP addresses from which logins most commonly occur. The Frequently Used IPs card displays:

  • The login IP address
  • The username associated with that IP address
  • The physical location from which the login occurred
  • Your current IP address, with the option to whitelist it

security2.pngFigure 4: Frequently Used IP Addresses (click to enlarge)

Whitelisting IP Addresses

Employee users logging in from trusted IP addresses can be whitelisted, allowing the user to bypass 2FA for three weeks. Click the Whitelist link under Manage IP Login Addresses to whitelist an IP address. Click the trash can icon next to a line of IP address information to remove whitelisting for that address.

Whitelisting is only available for employee accounts, not client accounts. 
On their first login, whitelisted users will still be required to complete the 2FA process. 

whitelist.gifFigure 5: The Whitelisted IPs card (click to enlarge)

Blacklisting IP addresses

You can blacklist IP addresses that you wish to keep separate from Datto, preventing users on those networks from logging into internal accounts. Click the Blacklist link under Manage IP Login Addresses to blacklist an IP address. Click the trash can icon next to a line of IP address information to remove blacklisting for that address.

mceclip0.pngFigure 6: The Blacklisted IPs card (click to enlarge)

Datto Threat Intelligence

Our Datto Threat Intelligence feature automatically blocks traffic from known Tor nodes and blacklists their IP addresses. See our Datto Partner Portal: Tor Node Blocking With Datto Threat Intelligence article to learn more.

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