Datto Networking: D200 Routers: How can I improve LTE failover signal quality and strength?



This article describes steps you can take to improve the D200's cellular signal quality and strength while minimizing signal interference.


  • Datto D200


Signal quality and strength factors

A D200's LTE signal quality and strength depend heavily on the environment in which you place it. Because of this, it is difficult to give a "one size fits all" solution for optimizing LTE signal strength and quality. Many factors can influence signal strength and quality, including:

  • Proximity to the cellular tower
  • Physical barriers
  • Competing signals
  • Tower load
  • Weather

Improving signal quality and strength

Apply the following best practices to improve the D200's LTE connection strength and quality:

  • Update the device to the latest firmware version.
  • Move the D200 to the side of the building closest to the carrier's cellular tower, and the highest point possible.
  • Move the device as close to an exterior wall or window as possible.
  • If it is placed in a server rack or metal cage, move the D200 on top or outside of the rack. The metal body of a server rack can block and deflect the cellular signal.
  • Avoid placing the D200 near any other electrical devices, wiring, or radio devices.

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