Autotask PSA: Why can't I edit time entries?



Why can't I edit my time entries? The Edit button is not visible on my ticket or task time entry.


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There are three possible reasons why you may not see the Edit button on a ticket or task time entry in Autotask.

1. You have already submitted the timesheet for the period that covers the time entry.

The timesheet approver has to reject the timesheet first. To reject the timesheet, navigate to
Autotask Menu → Timesheets →> Reports → Reports →Timesheets → Submitted Timesheets.

figure1.pngFigure 1: Reports (click to enlarge)

You can still edit billing elements of the time entry from Approve & Post.

2. You have already posted the time entry. 

A System Administrator can follow these steps to resolve the issue:
Navigate to Autotask Menu → Admin → Features & Settings → Contracts & Un-Posting → Un-Post → Labor to un-post the time entry.

unpost.pngFigure 2: Unpost (click to enlarge)

If you did not post the time entry manually, verify that you have selected billing preference Bill Immediately in the contract that governs the time entry.

3. You have not enabled Proxy time entry for timesheet approvers and administrators.

You can enable this setting by navigating to Autotask Menu → Admin > Features & Settings → Application-wide (Shared) Features → System Settings →Timesheets → Proxy time entry.

figure3.pngFigure 3: Proxy time entry (click to enlarge)

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