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This article provides an overview of the Datto Network Manager Ping Test feature for Datto Managed Power devices. Use this article to learn how to customize and schedule regular ping tests for individual outlets on your managed power device.


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The Ping Test Power Cycle feature lets you configure the power device to reset an outlet automatically if it determines that it cannot reach a particular site or host. For example, the device can proactively reset a modem or router. You can also use this feature to reset any other type of unresponsive device.

Running the Ping test

1. In Datto Network Manager, navigate to the Managed Power page.

2. Set the ping test parameters in the Port Management section of the page by using the drop-down menus in the Ping Test Power Cycle column.

mceclip1.pngFigure 1: The Power Device Status page (click to enlarge)

The Ping Test Power Cycle drop-down menus

Each port in the Port Management interface has a drop-down menu in the Ping Test Power Cycle column, from which you can select a pre-defined ping test. By default, the port has a configuration of None, meaning the device will take no action if a test fails. Use the drop-down menu to choose a list, against which the power device will check and determine if it should reset that port due to a ping failure.

mceclip9.pngFigure 2: Ping Test Power Cycle drop-down menus (click to enlarge)

When using the default list, the managed power device will ping the hosts on the list every 5 minutes.

  • If the test fails, the appliance will power cycle the router.
  • If any of the pings succeed to any of the hosts on the list, the device takes no action, and the test will repeat in 5 minutes.
  • If the ping test fails and the router reboots, the appliance will try again in 5 minutes. After five consecutive reboots, the Managed Power unit will stop power cycling the port.

2. You can create up to six custom ping test lists by clicking the Ping Test link in the Manage pane. Each list requires one host and can have up to four hosts. When creating lists, ensure that the host entries are correct and will respond to pings. A host can be any device that is plugged into the power device which is capable of responding to pings.

mceclip10.pngFigure 2: Customizing ping test lists (click to enlarge)

You can also configure the following Ping Test Settings for all ping tests:

  • Power cycle if: Use this field to tell the device to power cycle if all hosts fail, or if any individual hosts fail. 
  • Power cycle after: Use this field to make a ping test power cycle an outlet after a specified number of failed tests.
  • Time between tests: This value defines how many minutes will elapse are between tests.
  • Stop testing after: This value defines how many consecutive tests should occur before ceasing power cycling.
  • Skip test during maintenance window: If set to Yes, all tests will cease during the maintenance window set for your network. This setting ensures that routine upgrades or other maintenance will not generate failed ping tests and unwanted port resets.

When you are finished customizing your ping tests, click the Save Changes button in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.

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