SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Disaster recovery: Performing a database restore



This article discusses how to restore a database that is corrupt or otherwise broken without restoring the entire system.  


  • Datto SIRIS


This article explains how to restore a full copy of a database from a Datto restore point back onto your production server. This procedure can save time and effort by avoiding a complete system restore like a Bare Metal Restore or Image Export.  

This process includes creating a Rescue Agent on the local Datto device. Do not create the Rescue Agent with a network connection, as it will likely conflict with the production database server.


1. Create a Rescue Agent of the database server on the Datto device.

2. Log into the Rescue Agent via VNC. 

3. Click the screenshot within the Manage Rescue Agent page. The VNC connection to the virtual machine will launch in your web browser.  

4. Within the Rescue Agent, open your database software and export the database.

This process will differ depending on what program and software version you used to create your database.  

Datto Technical Support Technicians are not trained on non-Datto database software applications. The support we can provide on exporting the DB file is limited.

5. Note where the database export was saved to, you'll need this path later.  

6. Once the export has completed, power off the Rescue Agent through its internal OS. 

7. Go to the Protect Tab in the Datto web UI and locate the Rescue Agent, then select Take A Snapshot. This step creates a backup of the Rescue Agent, capturing the changes you just made, on the Datto that you can now restore.

8. Return to the Restore tab.  Mount a file restore from the snapshot you just took.

9. Select the Rescue Agent as the source of your file restore, and its most recent snapshot as the restore point.  

10. Connect to the Samba share provided by the file restore.  Within the share, navigate to where you saved the DB file.  

11. Copy the DB file onto the production server and import it into your database software.  

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