Datto Partner Portal: How do I send a one-time password to let employees reconfigure their Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)?



How do I reset an employee's Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) if they get locked out of their original authentication method?


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Datto Partner Portal Security Admins can send a one-time passcode that employee and client account users can use to log in and reset their credentials. 

You must have the Security Admin role for your company to perform these steps.
Client accounts cannot receive and log in with a one-time passcode. This procedure is only valid for employee accounts. If you are resetting a client account, have your Security Admin contact Datto Technical Support.

1. In the Datto Partner Portal, click the Admin tab, then select Manage Employees from the drop-down menu.

mceclip0.pngFigure 1: The Datto Partner Portal (click to enlarge)

2. In the Manage Employees table, Click the pencil icon in the far right-hand column for the employee to open the Edit Employee dialog box. 

mceclip1.pngFigure 2: The Manage Employees page (click to enlarge)

3. Click the Email TOTP link at the bottom of the dialog box to send the employee a one-time passcode they can use to log in.  After logging in with the code, the system will prompt the employee to reset their login credentials. The system will also prompt them to reconfigure their 2FA prior to logging in, to protect the security of the account.

mceclip0.pngFigure 3: The Email TOTP link (click to enlarge)

You will see a success message in the Edit Employee dialog box when the message sends successfully. 

mceclip2.pngFigure 4: The successful TOTP delivery message (click to enlarge)

If you cannot resolve an employee or client user's login issue by using this article, have a Security Admin from your company contact Datto Technical Support for further assistance. 

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