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This article provides information on Linux distributions that are supported by the Datto Linux Agent.


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Because the Linux operating system is open-source, there are thousands of Linux distributions, with new ones introduced regularly. Ensuring compatibility with a particular distribution can be a challenge. Datto has tested the Datto Linux Agent for compatibility with the most common and popular distributions. Any hypervisor environment or operating system not listed in this article is untested and may yield unreliable results.

Current fully supported Linux distributions

The distributions listed below are tested and deemed compatible with our latest agent and driver software. Virtualization and screenshot capabilities will vary by distribution as noted.

Distro Virtualization Screenshot Notes
Debian 9 Y Y You may have to install sudo, curl, and dirmngr.
Debian 10 Y Y  
Fedora 29 N N


Fedora 30 N N


Fedora 31 N N  
openSUSE Leap 15 Y N  
openSUSE Leap 15.1 Y  N   
openSUSE Leap 42.3 Y N  
Oracle Enterprise Linux 6 N N  
Oracle Enterprise Linux 7  N  N  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS
6.6 through 6.10
Y Y  
Red Hat Enterprise Linux/CentOS 7 Y Y  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP 3 Y  N   
SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 SP 4 Y N  
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

N You may have to install sudo
SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.1  N   
Ubuntu 16.04  Y   
Ubuntu 18.04  

Deprecated Linux distributions (Limited support)

While Datto is no longer incorporating support for the distributions listed below in our most current agent and driver versions, these distributions are compatible with older, but still available versions of our software. When you install the Datto Linux Agent on these systems, the agent and driver combinations listed will be installed. Virtualization and screenshot capabilities will vary by distribution 

Distro Agent Version Driver Version
openSUSE 13.1 1.0.9   0.9.16
openSUSE 13.2 1.0.11  0.10.1 
openSUSE 42.1 1.0.16  0.10.9 
Suse Linux Enterprise 11.4 1.0.16  0.10.9 
Debian 6 1.0.5  0.9.8
Debian 7  1.0.13  0.10.4
Debian 8  2.2.5 0.10.11 
Ubuntu 12.04 1.0.11  0.10.1 
Ubuntu 14.04 1.0.16   0.10.9
Fedora 20 1.0.9   0.9.16
Fedora 21 1.0.9  0.9.16 
Fedora 22 1.0.11   0.10.1
Fedora 23 1.0.11  0.10.1 
Fedora 24 1.0.13  0.10.3 
Fedora 25


Fedora 26  1.0.16 0.10.6 
Fedora 27 2.1.23   0.10.9
Fedora 28  2.2.5  0.10.11


  • Datto provides best-effort support only, for custom Linux distributions based on a supported OS distribution.
  • Unless otherwise stated, protected installations of all operating systems listed must be fully-up-to-date to guarantee compatibility with the Datto Linux Agent solution. Datto cannot ensure functionality or support for out-of-date or package-locked Linux distributions.
  • Perform regular end-to-end backup, local, and cloud virtualization tests to confirm that the variations in your custom Linux distribution do not interfere with Datto product functionality.
  • If you have a request to support any other distribution, please put in a feature request on our Community Forum.
The compatibility of this backup solution with any hypervisor environment or operating system not listed in this article is untested and may yield unreliable results. Universal VM Backup may be a viable alternative for backing up virtual machines with operating systems not listed as compatible.

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