SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Basic troubleshooting for screenshot and verification failure alerts



This article describes basic troubleshooting for screenshot verification failures.


  • Datto SIRIS
  • Datto ALTO


Screenshots show images of a successful boot process on the Datto device. Verification scripts are a secondary procedure that run after the screenshot has successfully booted. Ransomware and filesystem check steps occur after backup completion.


Review the alert email

The alert email that you receive when a screenshot fails will state which agent has failed and its associated Datto device.

Log into the Datto device to see the full error

Check the Protect tab on the Datto device GUI for more information on your backup error. Click Manage Recovery Points to view all the historical backups taken.

Determine if screenshots have ever completed successfully 

If your screenshots were working previously and are now having a problem, attempt a Differential Merge for your next backup. Differential merge backups can sometimes correct issues with the backup dataset.

Steps to take for specific errors

The virtual machine fails to boot 

Examine the screenshot image. 

If the image shows the machine still booting up or a blank screen, increasing the additional wait time for the screenshot may allow it to boot successfully.

Screenshots Fail to the “Getting Devices Ready” Windows Screen

If your screenshot image shows a chkdsk in progress, you may have a volume flagged to perform a chkdsk on the protected machine.

Screenshots Fail to a Chkdsk or Windows Updating Screen

Other boot errors may be caused by having an incorrect storage controller set in the device settings; however, if the screenshot was previously working, Datto does not recommend changing these settings. See Introduction to Screenshot Verification for information on how to change these settings and for additional resources to resolve other common screenshot errors.

The filesystem check finds corruption

Errors in the backup image can occur from vss writer failure and errors on the protected machine. These errors can report even minor corruption as an issue. Mount a file restore and see if any of the volumes fail to mount. Mounting a restore is the most accurate way to determine if your backups are valid.  

Advanced Backup Verification: Local Verified

Ransomware detected

Ransomware detection works by detecting patterns of change in specific file types. Use anti-malware software on your production machine to check for an infection. False reporting is possible. If you get frequent false reporting for an agent review the kb  Ransomware-Detection-101

Application or service verification failed

These verification scripts get 300 seconds to run and complete successfully. In some cases, when the device is under heavy load, verifications may run slower and cause occasional failures.

Services that require a network user account will typically not start because screenshots run without network connectivity.

Advanced Backup Verification: Application Verification

Advanced Backup Verification: Service Verification

Custom script verification failed 

Custom scripts get 500 seconds to complete and run successfully. These scripts are an optional feature. Many times these scripts fail for the same reason as application or service verifications

Advanced Backup Verification: Script Validation

Additional steps you can take

Run a local virtualization

The best way to test to see if a backup will boot up as a virtual machine (VM) is to attempt to boot it as a local virtualization. Make sure to leave networking disabled when you create your VM.

Starting a Local Virtualization on a Datto Appliance

You can log in to the VM and verify that crucial information is present and applications are working correctly.

Open a support ticket with Datto Technical Support

The ticket should contain the following information:

  • The System name
  • The error that has occurred
  • Any knowledge base articles you have referenced
  • Troubleshooting steps that you have already taken

This information will help prevent Datto Technical Support from repeating steps and help resolve your issue more quickly.

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