SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: Datto Windows Agent: Manually upgrading the agent software after a failed auto-upgrade



An automated Datto Windows Agent (DWA) upgrade fails, leaving the agent software in an unusable state.


  • Datto Windows Agent


1. Identify your DWA version. From the Control Panel of your protected machine. Click Programs and Features, or right-click on the Windows icon in the bottom left corner of your screen and click Apps and Features. Depending on your version of Windows, this may be listed as Add/Remove Programs.

fig1.pngFigure 1: Apps and Features (click to enlarge)

2. Click the listing for Datto Windows Agent 

You'll see the DWA version number listed next to or under the application's name. Do not click uninstall.

fig2.pngFigure 2: DWA version listing. Do not uninstall (click to enlarge)

3 Download the installer for the latest version of the Datto Windows Agent (click to download). For legacy Windows XP and Windows 2003 machines download this legacy version (click to download).

4. Run the installer. The installer will attempt to perform an overlay install of the new version, updating the existing version.

5. When the install is complete, the system may need to be rebooted to initialize the new driver.

The previously installed version of DWA may have been using an older driver. For example. DWA 2.2.5 uses driver version , while DWA 2.4.3 uses driver version  An overlay install may continue to use the old driver until a reboot has occurred. This allows production and backups to continue until a convenient time to reboot is available, however, since this depends on the agent/driver combination, you should plan to reboot the system when performing an upgrade.

6. When the installation is complete and your system has rebooted, proceed to your Datto device's homepage & navigate to the Protect tab. 

fig3.pngFigure 3: Protect tab (click to enlarge)

7.  For each agent that you have manually upgraded, navigate to Configure Agent Settings.

fig4.pngFigure 4: Configure Agent Settings (click to enlarge)

8. Click Repair Agent Communications from the navigation sidebar or scroll down to the section.


fig5.pngFigure 5: Repair Agent Communications (click to enlarge)

10 Wait a few moments until you see Communications successfully repaired.

You should now be able to resume backups on the affected system.

Next Steps

If the above steps do not resolve the issue, See Uninstalling or Reinstalling the Datto Windows Agent for steps to perform a full uninstall and reinstall of the Datto Windows Agent.  If, after performing those steps, you still require assistance, contact Datto Technical Support.

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