Datto SaaS Protection: Understanding licensing and commitment terms



This article discusses licensing and commitment terms for Datto SaaS Protection accounts.  


  • Datto SaaS Protection for G Suite
  • Datto SaaS Protection for Office 365


Datto’s updated pricing model for SaaS Protection provides Managed Service Providers (MSPs) with flexibility and control in selecting commitment and retention durations, with correlating price points to meet the needs of individual clients. Datto SaaS Protection simplifies tiered volume discounts by pooling licenses with the same commitment and retention durations across all of your clients,


Commitment and retention types

When signing a client up for Datto SaaS Protection you will choose a commitment type and a retention option.

  • Commitments reflect the agreement between your company and Datto SaaS Protection. You can onboard clients at any time during your commitment term without affecting or extending the term's length.
  • If you purchase additional licenses during a commitment term and find your client no longer needs them before the term expires, you can redeploy those licenses among your client pool as needed.

Commitment types

Commitment refers to the length of time you agree to commit to Datto SaaS Protection for a client. There are two commitment tiers:

  • 1-year: A service agreement that runs for one calendar year. As your usage increases, so does your committed license amount. This option offers a lower cost over time. 
  • Month-to-month: Lets you renew or cancel at the end of each month. This option gives you greater flexibility.

Retention options

Retention refers to the length of time Datto stores your backed-up data before removing it. There are two retention options:

  • Time-based Retention: When you select this option, Datto will retain your backup snapshots in the Datto Cloud for up to one year, according to the following schedule:
    • The service takes three daily backups and retains them for 30 days.
    • Daily backups are kept after 30 days.
    • Weekly backups are kept for 90 days, then stored on a rolling basis for up to one year.
  • Infinite Cloud Retention: This option gives you up to unlimited storage time in the Datto cloud. 
    • The service takes three daily backups and retains them for 30 days.
    • After 30 days, the service saves one daily backup per user for 90 days.
    • After 90 days, the service saves one monthly backup for one year, then stores them for the selected retention period

Pricing tiers

The amount of licenses you protect with Datto SaaS Protection helps determine your per-license cost There are three tiers:

  • 1-99 seats
  • 100-499 seats
  • 500+ seats

Billable Seats

For information on seat types and licenses, refer to What are billable seats in Datto SaaS Protection?

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