SIRIS, ALTO, and NAS: RDPMux support end of life



This article describes the decision to end support for legacy RDPmux based connectivity to virtual machines.


  • Datto Cloud
  • Legacy Recovery Launchpad


Datto created, and has been maintaining, a custom RDPMux library, which uses open-source FreeRDP software to allow virtualizations in the Datto Cloud to accept RDP connections from partners when connecting to their virtual machines.

Because of growing security concerns with underlying SSL and TLS protocols, declining feature use, and the release of new connectivity options, Datto will not support this feature in the New Recovery Launchpad. RPDMux-based connectivity will be retired on October 1, 2020.

Connectivity Options

RDPMux is no longer required as we have developed several other access methods that were not initially available. Partners now have several ways to connect to their VMs, including:

Browser-based Virtual Network Computing (VNC)

The quickest and easiest way for partners to connect to cloud VMs is by using the VNC option in the New Recovery Launchpad. Once a partner creates a VM, they can immediately connect from the VNC link in the Virtualization Card.

fig1.PNGFigure 1: VNC (click to enlarge)

OpenVPN Client

Partners can also utilize the OpenVPN capabilities within the New Recovery Launchpad to connect to VMs. By creating a VPN client, downloading and installing the OpenVPN software, and using the VPN key generated from the Create VPN card below, partners can easily access their virtual machines.

fig2.pngFigure 2: Open VPN (click to enlarge)

Native Windows RDP

Partners that want to continue to use RDP can enable it on the VMs themselves using the RDP server utility that is included in current Windows operating systems, then enter the IP address of the virtual machine that they would like to connect to.

Coming Soon: Site-to-Site VPN

The New Recovery Launchpad will soon support Site-to-Site VPN capabilities based on the IPSec protocol. This will allow partners to create VPN tunnels to the Datto Cloud for end-user access to Virtual Machine restores.

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